Logotype is a text or graphic representation of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc. Adding a logo to the header or footer helps you to create an authentic design for your website and become more recognizable among others. In this article, you can find detailed instructions on how to add a text or an image as a logo for your site.

To add a logo to your header or footer, hover over the empty box and click on the "plus", then choose the element Logo in the pop-up window:

Important: you can add only one logo to your header or footer.

To edit the logo, select the text in the placeholder and change its appearance in the pop-up menu:

There you can change its alignment, line height, size, color etc.

Note: you can also adjust the width of the logo element using the dividers that are placed next to it. To do this, hover over the empty space between the elements in the block, click on the divider and drag it to the needed direction:

Click on the "gear" at the end of the menu to access the Logo settings:

In the Content tab you can change the text's font and weight or add the slogan below the logo — a short phrase that describes your company:

Tip: check the article How to upload your own font to the site for more information on how you can set up your custom font for the logo.

In the Behaviour tab you can set up the click action for your logo. For more information visit the article Adding links to elements (click action).

Firstly, select the text in the placeholder and click on the "gear" in the pop-up menu:

Switch to the Image section in the Content tab and upload or browse the gallery to apply the image as your new logo:

Tip: check the article Adding alt-text to the images to learn the benefits of adding the image description.

Click on the logo in the header or footer to change its display by zooming the image in and out:

Don't forget to publish your site for the changes to appear live.
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