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The anchor menu helps to create quick access to different blocks of your page. Once a visitor clicks on the menu item linked to an anchor, the page is automatically scrolled to the desired block.

It will come in handy if you want to create smooth navigation on your landing with lots of content.

Follow the instructions below to set an anchor menu on your site.

Adding an anchor menu

Hover over the menu element in your header or footer and click on the "gear" to access its settings:

Click on Add menu item in the Items tab and name the new item:

Now, to make menu items lead to certain blocks, you need to link them accordingly. For that, open the item settings and set Scroll to block click action in the relevant field:

Choose the needed anchor name in the list of all blocks within the page you're working on:

Note: you can find and change your block's anchor name in the block settings:

You can also select block visually. For that, click on the "aim" sign first and then on the block you want to choose:

Publish your site for the changes to appear live.

Note: check the article Menu bar settings to see how you can customize the menu items further.
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