Anchor menu helps make access to different blocks of your page quick. It will be useful for you if you want to navigate through one page of your site easily.

To set up anchor menu, hover over the header block and click on settings:

Add menu items in the Items tab to make them link to relevant blocks.

Click on + Add menu item:

Name new menu item, hit Done:

Now, to make menu items lead to certain blocks, you need to link them accordingly. First, open the item settings:

Select a click action - Scroll to Block:

Pressing on Select block... will open a list of anchor names of all blocks within the page you're working on. Select the one you need and click Apply:

Note: you can find and change your block's anchor name in the block settings:

Tip: you can also select block visually. For that, click on the "aim" sign first and then on the block you want to choose:

After doing the above with all menu items, publish your site for the changes to go live.


Find more information on menu settings in the article here: Menu bar settings.
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