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After you have added Google Maps to your Weblium site according to the instructions here, make sure to retrieve and add Google API key. This key is essential for displaying the map on your live site.

Google gives $300 credit to be used for its services for the first year. After this credit has been used, you will be asked to upgrade your Google account.

To get the API key:

Go to, click Get Started:

In the pop-up window choose Maps and click Continue:

Enter the project name or choose one from the list. Click Next:

Click on Create billing account:

Choose the country, accept terms of use and click Agree and continue:

Enter the billing details and click Start my free trial:

Click Got it in the pop-up window:

Click Next to create an API key:

The key is ready! Click on "copy":

Go back to the editor and add the key in the map settings:

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