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To add Google Maps to your Weblium site, add one of the blocks which contains a map. It can be found in the Contacts section of the block list:

...or in the Elements section as a standalone element:

Plus, you can add a map element in a block:

Regardless of the way the map has beed added, сlick on it to enter the settings:

Click on Address to customize it:

The information you enter here will be displayed in the address tooltip:

Click the button below to add multiple locations:

Choose the map's preset - the way it will be displayed on your site:

Click on Map settings to choose whether the map controls are visible to your site visitors and if zoom on scroll is allowed:

Important: for the map to be displayed properly on your live site, you will need to request and add Google API key. The detailed guides are below:

Adding Google API key to Google Maps on your site
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