There are 2 ways to change the password — in the settings of your account or on the Login page.

Follow the instructions below to choose the suitable way.

Important: if you registered with your Google/ Facebook account, you should change the password on the side of social networks. We can also unlink your account in the social networks if you want to log in only with your email.

Changing password in the settings of your account

If you have an access to the account, open the drop-down menu at the top right corner of your dashboard and access the Account settings tab:

Scroll down to the Account info section and click Change password:

Enter the old password of your account and add a new one. Click Change password:

Changing password on the Login page

If you don't have an access to your account settings, open the Login page and click on Forgot password?:

In the new window enter the current email linked to your account:

A link to reset a password will be sent to that email, provided that such an account exists.

If you are still having troubles logging into your account, check the article Can't login to the account.
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