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Connecting Revolut as a payment method

Revolut is a British-Lithuanian neobank and financial technology company that offers banking services. You can connect the Revolut payment system to your website to receive payments from clients from the European Union and several other countries. Revolut has a limited number of countries where you can create an account, but you can use it to receive payments from European customers.

Important: Following this link, you can find an up-to-date list of countries whose residents can create an account on Revolut.
Note: The currency in your Revolut account must match the one specified in your store settings on Weblium. The list of available currencies can be found here.

Connecting Revolut to work in test mode

You can connect Revolut in test mode (in a sandbox) to test how this payment method works. This way, you do not need to make real payments to test.

Open the sandbox registration page or sandbox login page. Create an account in the Revolut sandbox or log in to an existing one.

Important: The links for authorization and registration are different. If you already have an account and you try to follow the registration link and log into your account, you will receive an error message by email.

Follow the link to copy the private key in the test environment, then click on the Generate button, and copy your Sandbox API Secret key:

Tip: More information about the test mode can be found in the documentation from Revolut.

Go to the Your Store section, then to the Payment methods subsection in your site settings on Weblium, and click on the Add button next to Revolut:

Activate the Test mode switch and paste the previously copied Sandbox API Secret key value into the Test API secret key ① field:

Important: The non-test mode fields marked with an asterisk below must also be filled in. You can enter the same sandbox credentials there if you have not entered data for real payments.

After all the fields are filled in correctly, save the changes:

Publish your site for the changes to take effect.

Done! Now, you can open your online store, add products to your cart, and purchase products in test mode (without actual payment).
Once configured correctly, you will see the following popup from Revolut on top of your shopping cart after clicking the Buy button:

Deactivating a payment method

If necessary, you can hide the payment system without deleting it.
For that, return to the Payment methods section, and in the Connected payment methods subsection, turn the switch off:

Connecting Revolut to your online store

Connecting Revolut using the Production API Secret key to receive real payments is similar to the test mode connection process; only the "Test mode" switch must be deactivated.

In other words, you need:

In your Revolut account copy Production API Secret key ①:

Then insert it on the Weblium side in the payment method settings to the appropriate field:

Don’t forget to save the changes and publish the site.

Tip: You can find out more about setting up the integration in technical documentation from Revolut. In addition, you can contact the Revolut support team for assistance or use their Help Center here.

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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