Once you've signed up for Weblium, you can build your site from scratch or use ready-made templates. Initially, a site you add will be under a free subscription.

A site on a free subscription can stay like this forever — we don't push you to upgrade it after a certain period of time (unlike other platforms). However, note that you can have up to 3 free sites in your account. All additional sites have to be upgraded to Pro.

What can I do on a free site?

Under the free subscription, almost all the blocks in the editor, as well as more than 200 templates from our gallery, are available to you. Even though your site will be placed on the default subdomain of *.weblium.site, you can change this URL to match your brand.

With the help of our tools, you can also easily integrate your Analytics or other marketing services to track all the activities on your website. Moreover, we do not set the limitation to the number of contributors that you can invite to work together on your site.

To sum up, the free subscription basically allows you to get acquainted with the functionality of the editor and prepare the layout of your future site. Once the design and the structure of your website are completed, you can now think about purchasing the Pro subscription on our platform. We offer monthly and yearly Pro subscriptions.

Important: the subscription is purchased separately for each site in your account.

What does a Pro subscription give?

The ability to connect your domain.

Any company needs to create a personal brand that will be actively promoted on the Internet. A custom domain name like domain.com will allow you not only to gain credibility and recognition among the customers but also to improve your site's traffic. In essence, sites under personal domains appear higher in the search results than others.

After purchasing a Pro subscription, you can connect an existing domain to your site or purchase a domain directly from us.

Tip: if you purchase an annual Pro subscription for your site, you will receive a free domain for one year as a gift.

Note: after the domain has been connected and propagated, SSL certificate will be generated automatically. This will provide your users with a secure internet connection and protect all data that is being shared via a website.

No Weblium ads.

After purchasing a subscription, you can get rid of all references to our platform on your site, which will also help to increase the credibility of your company.

Site indexing.

The search engines look for the information to a query in their index of sites, not the actual sites. Thus, getting into the index is super important for your SEO optimization.

The free subscription does not allow your site to appear in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. After purchasing the Pro subscription, the site will become available to search robots. Thus, it will come up to the relevant queries in organic search while attracting more and more potential customers.

Learn more about SEO basics to understand how you can promote your site and improve its position in search results.

The ability to add your code to the site.

We allow our users to integrate third-party services if they are looking for additional functionality. For example, using our tools, you can add an online store with a basket, a reservation button, calendar, chat, etc. You can also add a cookie consent banner to display the privacy policy on your site. All of these options will help you build your customers' brand confidence by providing them with all kinds of features they need.

Tip: you can also find a comparative description of each of the subscriptions on our platform on Weblium pricing page.

Once ready to purchase a subscription for your site, check the article Purchasing a Pro subscription.

Important: To learn more about the subscriptions and charges, see Weblium's Terms of Use.
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