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Global social links and the “Social icons” element

You can set up global links to the social networks in the site settings. This way, when you add social icons to the blocks, the links are applied automatically. Besides, you can add custom links for the particular block on your site.

Follow the instructions below to add global social links and customize the style of social icons.

Open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Social links tab:

Click on Add global social link:

Choose the required social network in the pop-up menu:

Note: You can also add a custom icon for the social network. For that, click on the "plus" sign and upload the icon in the new window:

Go back to the Social links tab and add the relevant links to your profiles:

Open the site's editor and add a block with the social icons in it:

Tip: You can add social icons to the existing block as well. Check the Adding elements article for more information.

You will see that these icons will correspond to the ones you set in the site settings.

To set a custom link for the particular block, toggle on the option Set custom links, click Add custom link and choose the needed icons:

Changing the style of social icons

Click on the social icons in the block to access their settings:

Navigate to the Style tab and choose the needed ① shape, ② size and gap for the icons:

Note: There is no way to edit each icon separately.

In this tab you can customize the colors for your icons as well:

You can also use brand color for the icons:

Publish the site for the changes to appear live.

Updated on: 06/06/2024

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