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Inventory tracking

Inventory tracking allows you to control the stock levels throughout your store operations on Weblium and make sure you’re restocking on time.

How to track your store inventory?

To track inventory of a certain product:

Go to Your store (1) in the website settings and choose the Products tab (2);

Click on the name of the product (3) or click Edit (4) to access the product’s settings.

Toggle the Track inventory (1) option to start tracking the product’s inventory;

Enter the number of items you have in stock (2).

You’re all set! Now you are tracking the inventory of this product.
Important: Don't forget to save your changes by clicking "Save" in the top right corner of the product settings.
Note: When Track inventory option is toggled you can’t choose the availability status anymore. The product will be “In stock” by default if there is at least one item available and “Out of stock” if the inventory is empty. You can read more about availability status in the General product settings section of the article on editing store products.

Inventory history

You can access the inventory history by clicking the Inventory history button:

A pop-up will appear. The following information is displayed:

Date (1). Indicates the date of the inventory change;

Event (2). Shows an event type that caused an inventory change. There are two types of events: manual (4) and automatic (5);

Adjustment (3). Indicates the number of items related to a particular inventory change. This value can be either positive (e.g. when you add new items manually) or negative (e.g. when the customer places an order).

Orders and inventory

When a customer places an order, the number of items placed in the order is deducted from the product's inventory.

Note: Product’s inventory changes only when the customer completes the order in the shopping cart.

If for some reason, you need to delete the customer’s order, the corresponding entry in the inventory history will disappear;

If you change the number of items in the order, the corresponding number in the inventory history will change as well.

Note: To read more about managing orders visit Managing orders in the online store

Product options’ inventory

There are two ways of enabling inventory tracking for product options.

If you enable inventory tracking for a product first and add product options later, all the inventory will be displayed in the first product variant (at the top of the Manage Variants section);

If you want to track the inventory of a product’s option that you added previously, keep in mind that the inventory tracking won’t be available of the General tab of the product settings:

You can change the inventory of a single option either in the Manage variants section:

Or by pressing the pencil icon and editing inventory in the variant page:

Note: To read more about the product options, visit the Adding options and variants section in the Editing products in your store guide.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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