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After adding the needed elements to your block, you will have an option to move them, delete, edit, etc. 

Basic actions

Deleting element

Hover over the element and click on the “basket” to delete it:

Moving element

Move the element to another position within the block. For that, pick the element, drag it to the desired position and drop it:

Working with columns

Hover between the columns to add a new one (“plus” sign) or adjust the width (drag the divider):

You can also duplicate an existing column:

Click on the column settings to adjust the layout:

Switch to the Background tab to add color or image to the column's background:

Switch the columns within a block. For that, pick a column, move it to the desired position and drop it:

Collection elements

A collection allows you to synchronize several items. When you use the collection, you can do the next actions: 

Add a new element. Hover on any item in the collection and press "+ Item":

Set elements' position. For this, you need to open Item's settings:

Set background for elements in the Background tab:

Choose preset colors for elements:

Set additional options such as Sliders or Tabs to your collection:

Also, they have basic features such as delete, move, and duplicate.
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