Once you've launched an online store on your site, it's important to maintain SEO ranking for the products. Proper SEO settings help you drive traffic to the product pages and get more orders.

On Weblium, you can easily change the Title and Description meta tags for each product page.

SEO settings for the products

Open the settings of your site and access the Products section in Your store tab:

Choose the needed product, click on the three dots and select Edit from the dropdown:

In the opened window navigate to the SEO tab:

Enter the title and the description for your product page in the relevant fields:

Note: by default, the name and the description of the product itself become the title and the description of the page.

It's recommended to use up to 70 characters for the page title and up to 320 characters for its description. Weblium automatically generates human-readable URLs based on the title since Google considers such links more reliable.

You can either duplicate the name of the product in the Title or add specific information, such as location and pricing. We recommend using a unique expanded title for each product page to create smoother navigation in your store. It also will help search engines to display your products in low-frequency queries.

The description should offer a tangible benefit to shoppers and give some idea of what differentiates this particular product from others.

You can also preview how your product page will look in the search results:

Click Save in the top right corner for the changes to appear live:

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