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Setting up store search on your site

Store search is a useful tool that can help customers to find specific products on your site. By default, the Store search bar is not added to your site after activation of the Store module. However, you can easily add it to any part of your site by following the instructions below, thus allowing your customers to use your store in a more efficient way.

Important: This option, as well as the Store are available for Pro sites only.

Adding the store search bar element

Go to any block where you want to add the Store search element, click Add element and pick Store search amongst other elements:

Tip: You can add a search bar element not only to any block within the main body of a page, but also to the site header or footer. It is also possible to add a search bar to the store homepage and other store pages such as category page, product page, etc.

A new search bar will be added to the page:

Note: The search box takes up all available space within a block. It's not possible to change the width of this element.

Editing Store Search

You can edit the text of the Store search element in the site settings, Multilingual site section, Search results page subsection:

To edit the text style, you can click on the gear icon:

In the Style tab, you can select a Field Type and change Colors by clicking on the corresponding buttons. You can use either your Site palette colors from the swatches or apply custom colors from the color picker:

Note: In the "Advanced" tab, you can add a CSS class to the element.

Keywords for the search

You can also create specific keywords for the search, so it would be even easier to find a product. You'll find this option in the SEO settings of the product. They can be anything you want, including misspelled words or words in some other languages. The limit for each keyword is 255 characters, so there's plenty of space:

Don't forget to publish your site to apply the changes you make in the editor.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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