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Adding a button to buy a product

You can add the "Go To Pay" action to any button, what will allow your customers to buy the product in "1 click". After clicking on the button, a shopping cart will automatically open. After filling in all the relevant information, a customer will be able to purchase your product.

Important: Before adding the "Go To Pay" click action, make sure that the store is activated on your site and at least one product is added to it according to the Activating the online store and adding products article.

Tip: To learn how to add a button to your site, see the Adding a button article.

Adding the "Go To Pay" click action

To add the ability to buy a product by clicking on the button on your site, follow these steps:

Click on the chosen button and navigate to its settings by clicking on the gear:

Select the Go To Pay action and choose the product you wish to apply this action to from the drop-down menu below:

For the changes to take effect, publish your website.

Important: Bear in mind that you can set up an ordinary product in this way, but not a product with options.

Done! When your customers click on this button, the shopping cart with the product you chose in the button settings will be automatically opened.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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