In order to give your site visitors the opportunity to download a mobile app, you can use a special button on our platform.

Adding the button and inserting a link to a mobile app

To add the app button, firstly, you need to add a new element to the block by clicking on the “plus” sign where you'd like to place it:

Note: In some older versions of blocks, the feature of adding elements may not be available.

In the pop-up window choose the App Buttons element to add it in your block:

After adding the button, you need to insert a relevant link to it to make it clickable.

To do this, you need to open the settings of a chosen element - hover over the block and click on the “gear” here:

In the “Link to App page” field, enter the link you need to direct visitors of your website to the mobile app:

You may also want this link to be opened in a new tab when the visitors click on it - for that you should toggle on the "Open in new tab" option:

Moreover, you may want to disallow search engines to follow the link of the app. This is useful if, for example, you don't want to redirect traffic from your site to other sources. 

To enable the "nofollow" attribute, go to the button settings as it’s described in the steps above and toggle on the relevant settings.

Changing the language of a button

To change the language of your app button, click on the "Language" menu in the settings:

Select the language in the dropdown:

Changing the design of a button

In order to change the appearance of the button, you need to go to the "Style" tab in the settings of the selected item:

Depending on which platform your mobile app is designed for, you can choose the type of the button for the App Store or Google Play:

Also, in the options below you can choose the size of this element that is suitable for your needs - Large, Medium or Small.

Besides, the apps buttons have basic features such as Delete, Move, and Duplicate.
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