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Changing the design of the store homepage

Weblium automatically creates a store homepage where store categories and products are placed. This page can be accessed by adding /shop at the end of your domain (for example, or by pressing the link in the store categories settings:

You can edit the layout and the texts on this page to create a custom design in your own language.

1. Accessing the store homepage

Open the editor of the site where you'd like to customize the store homepage.
Under the My websites section, click on the site's home page, go to the Store tab below, and select Store homepage:

2. Customizing the existing blocks and elements on the page

Click on the gear icon of the element to be able to further customize it. For example, if you click on the category or subcategory settings, you'll be able to adjust the layout:

If you access the category products settings, you'll be able to change its layout and set the amount of maximum items in a row. In addition, you can choose what product information is displayed:

Navigate to the Action tab in that same window for more button customization including the button text:

Also, in the Advanced tab, you can add CSS classes to the block:

Detailed instructions for adding classes can be found here.

3. Adding new blocks and elements to the store homepage

Just like any other page in the editor, the store homepage allows you to add, hide and remove elements/ blocks. You can find the relevant guides here:

Adding blocks
Hiding a block on a page
Adding elements

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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