Online store settings let you customize the price display, currency, and actions of your shopping cart.

Follow the instructions below to see how you can change these settings to match your needs.

Changing the currency and price display format

For that, open the Settings of your site and navigate to the Settings in the Your store tab:

Open the Data format to choose and preview your price display:

Here you can change the price display format and also hide trailing zeros in the fractional part.

Enter the needed currency for your products in the Prefix and Suffix fields:

The changes will appear in the product cards on the published site immediately.

Changing the click action for the shopping cart

Open the Product card in the Settings of your online store to change the click action:

Choose whether you want your cart to be opened automatically after adding products or not:

Tip: learn how you can turn on the notifications for your orders in the article Enabling notifications for your orders.
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