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Connecting Fondy as a payment method

Fondy is an international service for accepting online payments that allows you to accept credit cards, electronic money, and other payment methods. You can find their pricing at this link.

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.

Connecting Fondy as a payment method

Create a Fondy account or log in. Then, follow 5 steps to get started with Fondy and get your Merchant ID and Payment key:

Go to the Payment methods section in your site settings on Weblium and click on the Add button next to Fondy:

Fill in the fields with the data received from Fondy, such as Secret key (payment key), Merchant ID, and Payment reference. Also, if necessary, add a link to the pages to which your customers will be redirected after either a successful or unsuccessful payment:

Tip: You can create pages using this guide. You can also learn how to customise a "Thank you" page in this article.

In the field Payment reference, you can specify what additional data about the order will be send to Fondy. You can click on the words Show variables, copy the needed variable, and paste it into the payment reference field. After that, when someone makes an order, the specified value (order number, time, site domain, etc.) will be passed on to Fondy with the order:

Click Save (or the keyboard shortcut Cmd+S/Ctrl+S) at the top right corner of the page to save changes of the payment method:

Go back to the Payment methods page and toggle on the switcher next to Fondy in the Connected payment methods section:

Publish your website for the changes to appear live.

Now, your customers will be able to pay for goods and services using Fondy in your online store.

Connecting Fondy to work in test mode

You can connect Fondy to check the payment method without using your own bank card. To do this, enable test mode:
Open the merchant settings in your Fondy account and, if you haven't done it before, add a new merchant instead of the default one:

Open your merchant settings and copy Merchant ID and Payment key (long code) from there:

Open your payment method settings on the Weblium side, toggle on the Test mode switcher, and enter the previously received Merchant ID and payment key:

Important: The non-test mode fields marked with an asterisk below must also be filled in. You can enter the same test merchant ID and payment key in them if you have not previously entered data for real payments in them.

Save the changes, activate the payment method, and publish your site according to steps 5-7 of the previous chapter of this guide. Now, you can make a test payment from your online store using test cards from this page. You can check the test order in the Orders history section in your Fondy account:

Deactivate the test mode in the payment method settings if you want to continue using your real payment details.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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