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Creating a Thank You page

Once your site visitors submit a contact form, they will see a pop-up with a Thank You message by default. However, you can create a dedicated Thank You page that will open automatically after the form is sent. This page will give you more space to confirm the action, deliver useful content or even upsell.

A Thank You page can be used to:

Show your gratitude. Since this is a separate page, you have complete control over it: insert a heart-warming text or even a GIF with a cute cat.
Give additional information — for example, when the manager will call back.
Engage the client in the further use of your site: show recent blog posts, provide a special discount on the next purchase, etc.
Calculate the conversion by plugging Facebook Pixel/ Google Analytics code into this page.

Follow the instructions below to see how to create a Thank You page on Weblium.

Creating a Thank You page

Open the Pages menu of your site, add a new page and name it a Thank You page:

Click on the page to start editing it, then add a suitable block on the page from our gallery:

Bear in mind that this page should not look like an abandoned place of your site. Make sure you use global header and footer, so the visitor will be able to find a way back to your content.

Start to compose your Thank You message.

In general, there are only 3 rules for creating a Thank You page:

Confirm the action. Regardless of whether you receive an order for a product or simply collect contact details for further email distribution, you should confirm that you have received the client's information.
Be concrete but personal. Specify in the message what you thank the user for – for the order, for filling out the contact form, for sending a request. Write this message in the same style as the whole site. If you've chosen a friendly tone, then continue in the same way.
Provide useful links. Tell the user what to do next — wait for the operator's call, message, get acquainted with promotions or your social media.

Adjust the design of your page:

Add page background, configure the animation and more. Follow the instructions in the Changing the design of a block article to proceed with customizing.

You will most likely show a Thank You page after the user submits an order on your site. For that, open the Form settings, navigate to the Action tab, select Open page and choose your Thank You page in the dropdown:

Tip: For more information on how to connect the following page to the contact form, see the Actions of a contact form when it is submitted article.

Finally, connect analytics to your page to track your conversion rate.

Publish the site for the changes to appear live.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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