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Creating promo codes in the online store

Promo codes are an effective marketing tool that helps attract new customers and encourage existing ones to increase their purchases in your store. You can create a promo code in your site settings, provide it to your customer (e.g., add it to email newsletters or specify it on the site), and your customer can then apply it in the shooping cart during checkout to receive a discount.

Creating a promo code

Open your site settings, go to Your Store section, select Promo codes, and click Add promo code:

Configure the promo code:
ㅤㅤ① In the Promo code field, enter the code that will be given to your customers;
ㅤㅤ② In the Promo code name field, enter a name for easier promo code's identification by you and your team (the name for internal use);
ㅤㅤ③ In the Discount type dropdown, choose either Fixed amount or Percentage;
ㅤㅤ④ Enter the Discount amount in the corresponding field, which can be a specific sum or a percentage depending on your choise in the previous item.

Note: You can set a percentage discount from 1% to 100%, but keep in mind that if you have integration with a third-party payment system and your customer makes a payment with it at a 100% discount, the order may not be paid, because most payment systems have a minimum payment amount of $0.50-1$. Add a manual payment method, or do not use payment methods if you need clients to apply 100% promo codes.

Save the created promo code by clicking Save at the top:

Deactivating a Promo Code

If you need to deactivate a promo code, click on its Active status at the top left of the promo code name and select Inactive:

You can also change the status in the general promo codes list (you can access it as described in step 1 above).

Displaying the promo code field in the shooping cart

If you installed your online store before June 2024, you need to add the promo code field to your cart in the editor. After creating the first promo code, you will see a notification prompting this action:

Tip: For stores created after June 2024, this action will be automatic — the promo code field will be displayed in the cart by default on all new websites.

To do this, open your site editor, go to the page list in the upper left corner, go to the Store tab, and click on Shopping cart. Then select the Order details element (it is almost always the first element) and activate the Promo code field checkbox:

Tip: If you need to hide the promo code field, follow the same steps and uncheck the "Promo code field" box.

Publish your site to apply the changes.

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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