Once you add your products in the store settings, you can decide on the best way to showcase them to the site visitors. This article talks about displaying the products on the store home page, but you have 2 other options:

Adding a store block to any page of your website
Adding a product card element to an existing block

Important: only Published products can appear on the live site.

Displaying products on the store homepage

A store homepage is an automatically generated page on your website that can be accessed by adding /shop at the end of the domain (e.g. yoursite.com/shop) or clicking the link in your store settings:

By default, the store homepage consists of a website header, footer, and the product category “folders” that contains the category name and image. If your products are not added to any categories in the store settings, they are placed on the Store homepage category by default. Under the "folder," products and subcategories are displayed.

Store homepage is added to your sitemap automatically and can be indexed the same way as other website pages.

Note: since the store homepage gets created automatically, currently there is no way to edit it. If you’d like to hide the page from the sitemap and block its indexing, see the article Changing the settings of the online store.

The best way to let your site visitors access and browse the store homepage is by adding it to the site navigation menu. Learn more about this in the article Menu bar settings.
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