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Setting a sale price

You can add a sale price (discounted price) for a product to draw the attention of customers to the fact that the price was previously higher, but it has decreased now. This is a great way to motivate your online store visitors to make a purchase.

Setting a sale price for a product

Open your website settings, in the Your store section (1) select Products (2) and open the product (3) for which you want to add a discount:

While being on the the General tab (1), activate the On sale checkbox (2), specify the discount itself (3) in % or a fixed sum in the store's currency and save (4) the changes:

Publish your site. The product has two prices now. The old one, which is crossed out, and the current one with a discount:

Specify a sale price for product options

Product options acquire the discount specified in the General tab (see p.2 above) in the product's settings. To set an individual discount for a certain option, you need to navigate to the Product options tab (1), set a new price in the Sale price column (2) and save the changes (3):

Note: Please note that when adding a product option, the sale price is set manually. It is not automatically calculated, as for the product in the "General" tab. Also, after adding one or more options, editing a sale price for a product in the "General" tab will become unavailable.

Hint: For more information on adding and editing product options, see this article.

Updated on: 12/07/2023

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