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Unpublishing your site

Once you publish your site, it instantly becomes available via a direct link. We don't offer the possibility to completely unpublish the site, but there are a few workarounds you can use in case you'd like to restrict access to the website.

Options to hide your site from visitors:

closing site from search engines;
creating a Coming Soon page;
disconnecting a domain from the site;
duplicating the site and removing the original one.

The guide below reviews different workarounds on how to hide the site from your visitors.

Closing site from the search engines. Most of our users want to unpublish a site, so it can't be accidentally found on the Internet while the work is still in progress. In this case, we recommend closing your site from indexation.

It is important to note that free sites on Weblium are hidden from search engines by default. This means that search crawlers won't index your site, and it won't appear in the search results. Thus, your customers will be able to visit the site exclusively through a direct URL.

Creating a Coming Soon page. If your site is under construction and you want to hide its content from visitors, you can create a Coming Soon page. This page would be the cover of your future website, letting your site visitors know that the work is in progress. It doesn't contain any navigation elements, so the visitors won't find other pages on the site.

For a step-by-step guide, navigate to the Creating a Coming Soon page article.

Disconnecting a domain. If you have a Pro site with a domain, you can disconnect your domain, so that the site will be available only by a default subdomain. The domain will still be available in the list of all your domains in the account.

Duplicating the site and removing the original one. If you don't want the site to be available via a direct link, you can copy the site and delete the original. This option is only available for free sites.

It is currently not possible to delete a site with an active Pro subscription. You can also duplicate it, but then ask our support team to transfer your subscription to an unpublished copy and delete the original.

Updated on: 12/05/2023

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