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Connecting GiroPay as a payment method

Giropay is a German online payment system based on online banking. It allows you to make secure online purchases through direct online transfers from your bank account.

Important: Payment methods are available on websites with the Pro and Trial subscriptions.

Connecting GiroPay to an online store

Bear in mind: GiroPay only works with one currency — euro, so you need to set it in your store settings.

If you do not have an account on GiroPay, you need to register first as a regular user:

After this, you must complete the registration process, and then you will be able to register a separate account on Giropay specifically for business.

If you already have a GiroPay business account, you can log in using this link:

Important: Please note that the GiroPay interface is only available in one language — German, since this payment system is focused on Germany and German-speaking European countries.

When registering your account for the first time, a prerequisite is to open an account in one of the German banks cooperating with GiroPay:

Note: This step is required, because without it you will not be possible to create an account either for testing or for receiving real payments.

After completing registration, you will receive the necessary data to connect GiroPay to your Weblium online store, namely Merchant Account and API-key.

GiroPay specialists will help you along this path. They provide support by mail, you can contact them by writing an email to

Tip: You can find out more about the connection process in technical documentation from GiroPay.

Go to the Your Store section, then to the Payment methods subsection in your site settings on Weblium, and click on the Add button next to GiroPay:

Paste your Merchant Account ① and API-key ② into the appropriate fields:

To the Success redirect URL ③ and Failure redirect URL ④ fields, you can add links to your custom success and failure pages you had created.

Important: You should paste the links that start from https://.
Tip: To know how to add pages, check this guide. You can also learn how to customize a "Thank you" page in this article.

After all the fields are filled in correctly, save the changes:

Publish your site for the changes to take effect.

Deactivating a payment method

If necessary, you can hide the payment system without deleting it.
For that, return to the Payment methods section, and in the Connected payment methods subsection, turn the switch off:

Connecting GiroPay to work in test mode

You can connect GiroPay in test mode to check the operation of the payment method without using your own bank card.

You need to access the test mode on the GiroPay side. Contact their specialists and request access to the so-called sandbox (test mode).

Tip: More information about the test mode can be found in the documentation from GiroPay.

Once you have been granted access to the test environment (mode), you can log in to your test account by following this link:

Note: Here you can see the inscription “Sandbox” at the top. This indicates that you are logging in to a GiroPay test account.

Next, you will need to copy the test Merchant Account and API-key there.

Go back to Weblium, activate the Test mode, and paste those credentials to the corresponding fields и :

Important: The non-test mode fields marked with an asterisk below must also be filled in. You can enter the same sandbox credentials there if you have not entered data for real payments.

Save changes and publish your website.

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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