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Connecting iDEAL to your online store

iDEAL is a Dutch payment system that allows users to pay for products or services online through the interface of their bank. IDEAL currently covers about 55% of all transactions in the Netherlands, making it the country's most popular payment service.

When customers choose iDEAL as their payment method on the site, they are provided with a list of available banks. After choosing their bank, customers are redirected to the site or mobile application of this bank where they can safely make payments. The paid amounts, in turn, go directly to business owners' accounts that are registered and operated in those payment services through which iDEAL was initially connected.

Important: iDEAL does not accept payments on its own. Instead, this payment system uses a network of partners who process customer payments on iDEAL's behalf. This means that you need to contact one of these partners if you wish to connect to iDEAL. In turn, customers can make payments via iDEAL payment system only if they have an account with a Dutch bank. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the prices on the site must be set only in euros, otherwise there may be errors in payment processing.

Connecting iDEAL

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.
In order to connect iDEAL to your online store on Weblium, follow the next instructions:

Open the settings of your site and move to the "Payment methods" section;

Locate iDEAL on the list of available payment methods;

Click on the "Connect" button beside iDEAL's logo and description;

Register a new or sign in to an existing account in one of the payment systems that partners with iDEAL and activate iDEAL payments in accordance with their instructions;

Get your Client ID, API key and Merchant ID and copy them to the corresponding fields (5, 6 and 7) in your Weblium store settings;

In case you're going to use iDEAL in test mode, activate the test mode via the switcher (1) and then copy the test Client ID, API key and Merchant ID to the corresponding fields (2, 3 and 4).

Add a link to the page that will be shown to users in case of a successful payment (8 ) and another link that will redirect to a page in case the payment fails (9 ). If you haven't added those pages to your site yet, you can do this by following the instructions in this guide: Adding pages. You may also find this information useful: Creating a Thank You page.

Important: You should paste the links in the https:// format.

Add a title of the payment method (10) that will be displayed on checkout;

Choose the region (11) in which you are going to accept payments;

Click on the 'Save' button in the upper part of the screen, to apply the changes:

Move back to the 'Payment methods' section and turn on the iDEAL switcher under the 'Connected payment methods' to display the payment method on checkout;

Now your customers will see iDEAL on their checkout page and will be able to pay for products and services using their preferred payment method.

Updated on: 01/19/2023

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