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Connecting mono checkout to your online store

mono checkout is a Ukrainian service from Monobank, an alternative checkout on your website that greatly simplifies the ordering process, thereby increasing conversion.

How it works: the page fills in all the customer's data — phone number, name, payment and delivery method. Thus, instead of tedious input, the customer just needs to check if everything is correct in these fields.

Note: mono checkout can be used by clients of any bank.
Important: mono checkout supports payments in Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) only. If you have a different currency in your online store, then to use mono checkout, you need to change it to UAH (and adjust the prices of products accordingly, setting the price in UAH).

Preparatory steps
Copying the API key on the mono checkout side
Connecting mono checkout to your site on Weblium
Troubleshooting steps

Preparatory steps

Before connecting mono checkout, you need to perform the following steps:
Open a private entrepreneur (FOP) account in mono using this link:
Connect acquiring via the following link:
Go to mono checkout website, click the Connect button and fill out the registration form to connect to mono checkout.

Tip: If you have any questions regarding these steps, you can contact the Monobank support team by following this link.

Copying the API key on the mono checkout side

After successful registration, you need to:
Log in at
Click Internet, then Acquiring Management and create a token;
Copy the value of the token (API key).

Tip: If you have previously connected monobank to your online store as a payment system, you can use the same token for internet acquiring.

Connecting mono checkout to your site on Weblium

After you have copied the API key on the mono checkout service, you need to connect the integration to your online store.

Open your site settings, in the Your Store section select the Express checkout subsection and on the Mono checkout item click the Add button:

Enter the key (token) previously copied from your mono checkout account in the API key ① field. Also, in the Return URL ② field, you need to add a link that will be opened for the customer after successful payment:

Important: A link to the successful payment page must be added necessarily — you can either create a separate Thank You page for the order or simply add a link to your website.

In the upper right corner, click the Save button.
Go to the editor by clicking the Edit site button in the upper right corner.
In the upper left corner, open the list of pages, click the Store tab, and then open the Shopping cart page:

At the top of the shopping cart (preferably under the "Order details settings" element), click the Add an element button and select the Express checkout element in the new window that opens:

Publish your site for the changes to appear live.
Important: The mono checkout button is an alternative to the regular shopping cart of your online store. That is, if the customer has chosen the option of creating an order using mono checkout, then any data entered in the fields of the regular shopping cart will not be taken into account during the order process.

Done! Now your customers will see a quick checkout button in the shopping cart that they can click instead of entering their data in the fields:

Before creating the order, your customers will only need to confirm their login to the Monobank app (enter their phone number and a code from SMS).

Note: After creating an order on your website, the products will not be deleted from the shopping cart of the customer who created this order.

Troubleshooting steps

If after connecting mono checkout it does not work correctly (the button in the cart does not work, etc.), try the following steps:
Make sure you have followed all the steps above correctly, including copying the API key from your mono checkout account and adding the "Express checkout" element to your shopping cart.
Ensure that the integration with mono checkout is activated — to do this, open the site settings, in the Your Store section select the Express checkout subsection and make sure that the switch opposite mono checkout is on (it should be blue).
Check if the currency of your online store is set to Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH). Open the site settings, in the Your Store section select the Settings subsection and in the Data display tab select UAH as the currency:

Important: After the currency change, it is necessary to adjust the prices of products by setting the price in hryvnia.
Note: You can learn more about currency changes in this guide.

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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