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Connecting PayU as a payment method

PayU is an international payment provider that lets you accept online payments directly from your online store.

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.

Connecting PayU as a payment method

Sign up or log in to the existing account on PayU;

Make sure to verify your website and obtain the identifier and the Secret Key that you'll later use to connect PayU to your store on Weblium. You can find some relevant tips in the PayU Help Center;

Navigate to "Payment methods" section in your site settings and click the Add button next to PayU:

Add the unique identifier and the secret key you have obtained to the "Identifier" (1) and "Secret Key" (2) fields correspondingly:

Add a link to a success (3) and a failure (4) payment pages. If you do not have such pages on the site yet, you can create them by following the instructions from the article Adding pages. There are more details on how to create a Thank You page here: Creating a Thank You page;

Important: The links must begin with https://

Specify the name of the payment method (5). It will be displayed to your customers on the checkout page;

Click Save (cmd + S/ctrl+S) on the banner that appears at the top of the page to apply the PayU's settings for your site;

Note: To use PayU in the test mode, please follow the instructions to get your test identifier and secret key. With that done, press the toggle (6) and paste your PayU test mode's identifier and secret key into corresponding fields that will appear under the test mode activation toggle on Weblium.

Go back to the "Payment methods" section and turn on the toggle button next to your newly added PayU's tab in the "Connected payment methods" section;

Publish your website.

From now and on your customers will see the option to pay via PayU when landing in the cart and they will be able to pay for their products and services in a more convenient for them way.

Updated on: 07/29/2023

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