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Connecting plata by mono (monobank) as a payment method

Monobank is a popular Ukrainian neo-bank that provides physical and online acquiring services. It operates under the license of Universal Bank. You can accept payment for your goods and services from Visa and Mastercard cards through Apple Pay, Google Pay wallets, and the Monobank application.

Connect the plata by mono payment method from Monobank to your online store to accept payments for orders from site visitors.

Note: Payment methods are available on websites with paid and Trial subscriptions.
Important: Obtaining a secret key (token) for connecting online acquiring in Monobank is possible only for individual entrepreneurs who already have a Monobank current account.
Tip: As of December 2022, the interchange (the commission that Monobank transfers to the issuing bank whose card was used to pay) is 1.3% when paying with Ukrainian cards and 2% for foreign cards.

Step 1. Open an individual entrepreneur account in Monobank (if not already opened)

Opening and servicing individual entrepreneur accounts in Monobank is free. The registration process for individual entrepreneurs takes a few minutes.

To open an individual entrepreneur account, you need to open the Monobank application, then click on the blue circle in the upper left corner of the application, and then in the menu that opens opposite the ФОП item, click on the Детальніше button. After that, in the new window, select the Відкрити рахунок ФОП option:

Next, follow the steps shown on the screen according to the Monobank prompts.

Step 2. Fill out the connection form

Fill out the form on the Monobank website via this link.

After filling out the form, within 24 hours, you will receive a message about connection with subsequent instructions.

Step 3. Obtaining a token (secret key)

Follow the link:

Scan the QR code or enter your phone number:

Confirm your login in the Monobank application on your smartphone.

On the left, select Інтернет, and then click on the Управління еквайрингом button:

If you do not have the Інтернет section, this means that:
You did not submit a request to connect to the Internet acquisition from Monobank. You can leave it using this link.
Or you have not yet been given access to receive payments and need to wait a little.

Create a token:

Tip: If you have previously connected integration with mono checkout to your online store, you can use the same token for Internet acquiring.

Copy your token:

Step 4. Connecting plata by mono to your online store on Weblium

In your website settings on Weblium, go to the Your Store section, then to the Payment methods subsection, and click on the Add button next to plata by mono:

Insert Token for internet acquiring ① into the appropriate field:

To the Success redirect URL ② and Failure redirect URL ③ fields, you can add links to your custom success and failure pages you had created.

Important: You should paste the links that start from https://.
Tip: To know how to add pages, check this guide. You can also learn how to customize a "Thank you" page in this article.

After all the fields are filled in correctly, save the changes:

Tip: If necessary, you can contact Monobank support through various channels presented here.

Publish your site for the changes to take effect.

Done! After selecting a payment method and clicking on the Order button, customers will be directed to the payment page where they can complete the order:

Note: If you have a fixed shipping cost added to your order total, the shipping will appear as a separate item on the payment page.

You can customize this page, namely by adding your logo and store name, in the settings on the Monobank side.

Deactivating a payment method

If necessary, you can hide the payment system without deleting it.
For that, return to the Payment methods section, and in the Connected payment methods subsection, turn the switch off:

Connecting plata by mono to work in test mode

You can connect plata by mono in test mode to check the payment method's operation without using your bank card.

To access the test environment, you need to register by clicking the following link.

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, you need to generate and copy your test token for Internet acquiring ① in the same way.

Return to Weblium and activate the Test Mode switch, then paste the previously copied token into the corresponding field :

Note: In the test environment, you can use any card number, date and CVV code for payment, even if they are not valid. The only condition is that the card number must be valid according to the Lun algorithm. For example, you can use the 4242 4242 4242 4242 card. If you use real bank card data, it will be accepted, but financial authorization will not be carried out.
Tip: If you want to test successful payments without the risk of losing funds, you can create a product for 1 USD and pay for it.

Save the changes and publish the site.

Updated on: 06/21/2024

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