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Connecting WayForPay to Your Store

WayForPay is a simple and convenient solution for accepting payments on your website. Connect WayForPay to set up fast and secure transactions for customers.

Important: Payment methods are available on Pro and Trial websites.

Connecting WayForPay as a payment method

Create or log in to your WayForPay account and register or activate an online store/site according to these instructions: first, second. Obtain Merchant ID and secret API key according to WayForPay instructions in the "Merchant details" section;

Go to the "Payment Methods" section in your Site Settings and click on the Add button:

Add the Merchant ID you obtained (1) and the secret API key (2) to the corresponding fields:

Add a link for successful payments page (3) and a link to the page for failed payments (4). If you don't have such pages on your site yet, you can create them by following the instructions in the Adding pages and subpages article. We also have a detailed article on creating a "Thank you" page: Creating a Thank You page;

Important: Links must start with https://

Specify the Title of the payment method (5), which will be displayed to customers during payment;

Click Save (cmd + S/ctrl + S) on the banner that appears at the top of the page to apply new payment method settings for your site;

Note: To use WayForPay in test mode, activate it via switch (6) and copy the test Merchant ID and secret API key to WayForPay according to instructions. Paste the received ID and key into the corresponding fields that appear under the test mode activation switch on Weblium.

Go back to the "Payment methods" section and in the "Connected payment methods" section turn on the switch near the newly added WayForPay.

Now your customers will see the option to pay via WayForPay when placing an order in the cart and will be able to pay for goods and services in a more convenient way for them.

Updated on: 04/26/2024

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